Our Services

Our services include all phases of Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), geologic, geotechnical and environmental consulting; including multi-media investigations of soil, sediment, ground water, surface water and indoor air quality, and applications of environmental management and permitting.

Our professional staff has experience with oversight of innovative and standard drilling techniques. Our projects are routinely completed with the following:
  • Low flow sampling pumps, photo-ionization detectors, field meters for DO, pH, and ORP, water slope indicators, and aquifer testing with in-situ data loggers.

  • Drilling Methods:
    • Innovative Sonic Drilling Technology for both environmental and geologic applications.
    • Standard hollow stem auguring (HSA) and advancement of steel casing using both truck mounted and all terrain vehicles (ATVs).
    • Push-probe technology (GeoProbeTM)
  • Remote Access to sites with use of company owned ATV
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