Remediation Services

Our Focus is the clean-up of contaminant source areas and residual impacts to soil and groundwater and reduce potential offsite contaminant migration and lessen upward migration impacting soil vapor and indoor air quality of occupied buildings at your site.

Our remedial experience includes working with environmental State remedial agencies and working with available fund programs to implement the cleanup activities. Let ENAC's remedial team design and implement a treatment system to clean-up and close your site.

Contaminant sources may be found at the following sites;

  • Active or past underground storage tanks (USTs)
  • bulk fuel stored in above ground storage tanks (ASTs)
  • active or former floor drains that discharge to the environment
  • storage and application of solvents
  • gasoline and vehicle service stations
  • orchards where historical application of pesticides include heavy metals and solvents
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